Summer 2017 Footwear – Don’t Just Think Sun

One of the biggest mistakes that we make as lovers of shoes is that we think about the summer months as a chance to showcase those open toe flats and cute little sandals but never spare a thought for the cooler evenings.

While I love a stunning gladiator sandal like the rest of you, the majority of the shoe shopping that I do in the summer is more geared towards going out in the evening as i’m more of a night goddess when it comes to flashing my fashion.

Because of that, here are three different styles of shoes that you should be looking to add to your collection for this summer.

Strappy Sandals

There is nothing new with the tip that strappy sandals are going to make an appearance in summer footwear trends and that is down to their versatility across your wardrobe.

Suitable for both day and night use, they possess the ability to be able to both dress up or dress down an outfit without too much effort.

Comfortable and without a heel, there are plenty of options out there that should be able to take your fancy but I personally prefer my sandals to be ankle height rather than towards the knee.

Don’t panic about looking to add a little design to your choice as snake skin style can look great with neutral tones and will just further boost the number of looks you can finish with them.


Although they do come close to being a sandal, there are subtle differences that set them apart, so that is why I think that they always make an appearance in my summer must have footwear list.

Again a non-heeled choice, they are great for those longer walking sessions while walking between the pubs and clubs, yet will give you the chance to be able to show off those freshly painted toes.

I do like the Pieces Louisa leathers that I have come across this week but will certainly be on the look out for more styles and options in the coming days.

Calf Boots

With over the knee boots being a big part of the trends over the past couple of months, it should come as no surprise to you that there will be some sort of boots added into the mix.

I am not really a lover of the ankle boot due to my shorter legs but with a possibility that we are going to be getting some nicer weather, anything that reaches the knee could be uncomfortable, so calf boots are the best option.

Designers across the industry seem to share my opinion too with plenty of styles and colours available from almost every high street retailer, so take a look and see what you can find as a way to finish off your look in the right way.

A quick tip for those of you that have slimmer legs, finding some online can be hard due to the differences in measurements that seem to plague the market, so you could be best taking a look for sites that specialise in boots for small calves.

Some of the names that I can think of for you lucky ladies are Sarenza as a retailer and in terms of a brand, take a look for ALDO shoes.

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