Feathered Eye Brows Sweeping Instagram Fashion Feeds

I have always been particular about the way that my makeup and eye brows are done but there has been a rise in a new era of eye brow designs that are taking over social media site Instagram, feathered looked.

When i first saw them I admit that I was questioning what the world was coming too and thought that it might have been a marketing stunt initially, but it seems that one or two images turned into hundreds as beauty posters continued to share their own versions.

One of the things that I hate to see is unclean lines in a girls beauty and for me this new ‘craze’ is shockingly bad, I mean these women are purposefully creating eye brows that look like huge, wildly growing brows and dressing them up with some eye shadow of different shades.

While I agree that some instances of the look are being carried off well thanks to the finish and shape of their face, the majority of the pictures that I am seeing are making me ask what are these girls thinking??!

One thing that I have noticed is that there aren’t so many African women like myself that have made an attempt to do this strange new look and that could be due to our thicker brows, or could just be that we have seen through a ‘fad’ that can’t take off…

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