3 Myths I Just Can’t Figure Out

Being a lover of fashion, I have heard so many ‘fashion hacks’ and tips that I have either overlooked or simply adopted as truth, however recently I have been asking myself which of these so called tips are actually true to me.

Naturally there are so many tips that are almost a given when it comes to thinking whether they apply to you, especially the old ‘dress your body shape’ saying as you won’t be about to see me rocking a heavily tailored suit any time soon.

But with sayings like ‘black being a slimming tone’ and ‘never over accessorise’ also ringing true, I wanted to take a look at some of the ones that I believe have potential to be wrong on some occasions.

Stripes will make your body look longer

If you have ever read any fashionista tips or magazines, you will have more than likely heard that shorter women should be looking towards vertical line designs in a bid to give an impression that you are taller than you really are.

While obviously people are going to see the lines running downwards, the chances of their brain receiving those images and processing them as if you were a 6ft beauty is very, very unlikely.

I have never really been drawn into this myth and rarely go out of my way to find anything that has vertical lines, instead I spend my time looking at ways to be able to dress in the style I like, my way.

With high waisted pants and skirts still very much alive, no number of vertical lines are going to lengthen your body if you are going to have a belt line higher than your waist.

Dress timelessly not to a trend

I have absolutely no argument that in any wardrobe there are some staple pieces that are going to be making up a variety of different looks and styles that you like, however following this myth is going to leave you looking dated and out of sync with the fashion world.

The better way to have put this across would have been to advise fashion lovers to shop their style but to keep in mind that there will always be some items that can be rolled into the timeless fashion section of your collection.

Think about maybe dropping a brighter tone into a more neutral one and the length of time that you can dust off this particular item will increase significantly.

Perfume should be dominated with floral notes

Not as widely used as some of the others that I have heard but one that has been said a number of times to me over the years, however could be the one that I have the biggest problem with.

Now I know that many perfumes on the market are focused around some sort of floral scent but I personally don’t like walking through a crowded room like I have left a tumble dryer sheet in up my sleeve.

I prefer less floral note based scents and have always looked to be different when it comes to selecting what perfume I am going to use, after all how will smelling like everyone else help you to steal the limelight in a crowded room?

I know that it can be tempting to stick to what you know when it comes to perfumes, especially if you do the majority of your shopping online, but believe me when I say that a sudden change of scent will get noticed very quickly within your circle of friends as people become nose blind.

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