Boyfriend Jeans Are A Must

Hi ladies!
Yes it’s me— again! How often do I grace your presence more than once a week? Well get used to it because you will be seeing more and more of me every week. Anyways, I was just browsing the web and looking through a few mags for jeans ideas for my store. You know, I’m just checking out what’s hot right now. I want to see what everybody’s loving in the denim world.

I was looking then low and behold I found my answer. Boyfriend jeans! You know also known as weekend jeans, but initially they are called boyfriend jeans. You know the jeans that look like your BF can wear them, but they are really made just for your curves. They’re rolled up at the bottom and randomly distressed in different places giving the wornout look. Comfortable fitting jeans.

I wear my baggy denims like this so I am so happy it’s trending right now. Like I told you before ladies— it’s time for a denim makeover. Anyways, I just wanted to share my denim thoughts with you. Until next time— keep it curvy!

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