5 Must Haves You Should Carry In Your Purse

Hi Divas!

So I was cleaning out my purse yesterday. Oh what a daunting task it was. I found old receipts that expectantly made a home at the bottom of my purse and befriended the loose change that had planted itself there as well. After cleaning it out and throwing away all of the old receipts that accrued from my lack of self control and impulse buys, I started thinking about my “purse essentials”.

So I came up with 5 things that I think every on-the-go budget fashionista and business woman should carry in her purse. So here it goes ladies, in no particular order.

1. Luster’s Renutrient Slick Stick: use this for those unruly stray hairs that try to ruin your hair-do throughout your busy day.

2. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: hard work throughout the day opens our pores and let’s out all the excess oil giving an unwanted shine. Blot the shine away and get a refreshed look. It doesn’t ruin make-up.

3. Herbacin Kamille & Glycerin Hand Cream: this is made with silicon and leaves the hands feeling silky and soft for the entire day.

4. Garnier Regenerating Eye Cream: I know you have those days where you sit in front of the computer all day and your eyes are tired by the time you get off work but you still want to go to happy hour. Use this for a little eye rejuvenation and relieve stressed eyes.

5. Tide Pen: this is my favorite. We all have boo-boos during the day. This pen was created to vanish those mistakes into thin air. It gets rid of stains like they never happened.

All of these items are less than $6 and can be found almost anywhere.

So there you have it. My top five must haves the budget fashionistas and business ladies should have in their purse. Until next time, keep it curvy!

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