Okay, Let’s Get Fit

Posted by February 8, 2017

  I have never been a woman that has looked to conform to stereotypes of what is beautiful as you are shown in the media and I certainly don’t think that you have to be skinny to be beautiful, in fact I fight for the complete opposite as you can maybe see. Well as ‘big and beautiful’ as I am, the time has come for…

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Well I have to share my joy to hear that Ashley Graham has once again taken to the catwalk to showcase her curves for the world to see on one of the biggest fashion focused settings on the planet and wow didn’t she do us proud? Making her second appearance at New York Fashion Week she wore her god given curves with true elegance as…

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Peachy Day

Posted by September 4, 2016

Well today I was in the mood to be in the color peach and thought to myself why not? Well first of all peach is not a color you see very often and it’s very difficult to buy in stores. What is so surprising, I got compliments on it all day and my outfit had to cost less than $30.00 total. My jacket is from…

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Lisa’s Shades of Grey

Posted by May 3, 2016

Well today I kept it grey and low-key but I put a twist to it and put on three different greys from the dress, the sweater and the boots. The highlight was these Harley Davidson tights I received from a Pretty Girl store. The top and boots were from Rainbow Shops, the sweater is from Gap. I thought that I would take a minute to…

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Hey guys, Just a quick one to share with you my outfit for my best friend’s fancy dress party from last night. After spending hours thinking about what I would wear I opted to go with a baseball theme and became ‘Bat Girl’, a chance to showcase my legs a little and obviously keep the fellas interested… What do you think? Batter Up!

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Boyfriend Jeans Are A Must

Posted by April 7, 2016

Hi ladies! Yes it’s me— again! How often do I grace your presence more than once a week? Well get used to it because you will be seeing more and more of me every week. Anyways, I was just browsing the web and looking through a few mags for jeans ideas for my store. You know, I’m just checking out what’s hot right now. I…

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Hi Divas! So I was cleaning out my purse yesterday. Oh what a daunting task it was. I found old receipts that expectantly made a home at the bottom of my purse and befriended the loose change that had planted itself there as well. After cleaning it out and throwing away all of the old receipts that accrued from my lack of self control and…

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Just My Size Fashion Show

Posted by April 1, 2016

I attended the JMS fashion show and I must say I am impressed…they really stepped their game up as far as their clothing, they stepped up a notch and I was very happy in what I saw. The clothing was fresh and they added some new twist. They are reaching to the right audience by listening to what the consumers are wanting and needing at…

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